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1. South-Africa

CAPMED MEDICAL INSURANCE: Capmed took note of the increasing number of medical benefits created by the insurance industry as a substitute for medical schemes. With its knowledge of such products and its experience in the industry, Capmed developed a unique open choice capitation-based medical insurance plan, specifically for the lower middle class, underwritten by insurance companies of repute specializing in such market.

In terms of the capitation model, medical providers like doctors, dentists and pharmacies, or hospitals, are paid a fixed monthly amount per patient by CAPMED. This is in contrast to a medical aid system where the provider is paid a fee for each service delivered. An agreement has been reached with an established service provider of benefit, risk and wealth solutions whereby the implementation and operation of the product will effectively be out sourced. This capitation-based model in South Africa will form the basis of the health insurance plan that will be implemented in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the rest of Africa.

The key element in any such project is clearly the marketing of the product.  Apart From interest already expressed by labour and other groups, Capmed has entered into agreements with various parties taking the product to the general market via call centres, loyalty programmes and multi-level marketing systems.

CAPMED PHARMACEUTICAL: Capmed, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Capmed Bio Extract (Pty) Ltd, a company dedicated to the supply, manufacture and distribution of phytopharmaceuticals, food flavourant and other related alternative medicines.

Phytopharmaceuticals are quite simply, pharmaceuticals using traditional compounds derived from botanicals instead of chemicals.  Phytopharmaceuticals is better because natural ingredients are more easily and more readily metabolized by the body. Therefore they produce fewer, if any, side effects and provide increased absorption in the bloodstream resulting in more thorough and effective treatments.

Flavorings are focused on altering the flavors of natural food product such as meats and vegetables, or creating flavor for food products that do not have the desired flavors such as candies and other snacks. Most types of flavorings are focused on scent and taste.


With the African ventures, Capmed has leveraged natural commodities to finance health care and health support. This will be done via its interest in and control of Afrimed (Pty) Ltd (full subsidiary of Capmed Holdings Ltd), which has already entered into agreements with various government departments in African countries.

The Capmed solution to African countries includes:

- A health insurance plan for civil servants and the private sector

- Supply of medicines and medical consumables

- Upgrade existing clinics and hospitals and establish network of new clinics

- Training of medical and administration staff

- Implementation of medical emergency evacuation

Capmed have also reached agreement with a Stevia producer/distributor in France to cultivate and extract Stevia for distribution in the EU.

Stevia is a sweetener and sugar substitute extracted from the leaves of the plant species Stevia rebaudiana.

CAPMED has also negotiated with an international pharmaceutical manufacturer to obtain distribution rights for  their products in all French speaking African countries, including the DRC. Some of these products have already been registered in the DRC and have the required French labelling. The distribution of these pharmaceuticals in the DRC as part of the fulfilment of the agreement with the DRC Government presents a major opportunity in itself for Capmed.


Capmed Bio Extract (Pty) Ltd   negotiated various agreements with roll players in the South African and European market for distribution in Sub Sahara Africa.

Capmed Bio Extract intends to establish an extraction and distillation facility to manufacture phytopharmaceuticals, essential oils and plant extracts. CAPMED has entered into  an agreement with a French based perfume and flavorant company to produce organic vegetable extracts on a long term basis and this supply agreement will be extremely lucrative.

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