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With the African ventures, Capmed has leveraged natural commodities to finance health care and health support. This will be done via its interest in and control of Afrimed (Pty) Ltd (full subsidiary of Capmed Holdings Ltd), which has already entered into agreements with various government departments in African countries.

DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF THE CONGO: Capmed, through its wholly owned subsidiary, Afrimed (Pty) Ltd, entered into an agreement with the Ministry of Health in the DRC. Afrimed is required to plan, negotiate and implement a health care financing and delivery system for the benefit of the public sector employees and their dependants. This agreement was upgraded to the status of a Government Decree in November 2012, effectively making it an indefinite period contract. The Minister of Health has announced that the Government of the DRC through his Ministry appoint Capmed to enrol at least 1.2 million civil servants to our Medical Insurance Plan and the plan is to also attract non-state employees to the scheme. The administration of the plan will be outsourced to a specialist company that Capmed has identified.

This Project has a total gross value of an estimated $4 billion. To help fund this massive Project, arrangements for an approved mining concession from the DRC Government, towards Capmed, are in process.  

The initial project was envisaged as only a health insurance plan but has been expanded to include:

- Implementation of a health insurance plan

- Supply of medicines and medical consumables

- Upgrade existing clinics and hospitals and establish network of new clinics

- Training of medical and administration staff

- Implementation of medical emergency evacuation

Capmed also entered into two private agreements, whereby Capmed obtain two separate concessions.  The first is a gold concession with a conservative estimated value of $24 million and the second is a Diamond concession with a value of approximately $27 billion.

The acquisition of the mining concessions in the DRC is merely a means to fund the core business and CAPMED has no intention of diluting focus and operating the mines. CAPMED has identified a company with substantial mining experience in Africa that will establish and operate the mines in the DRC. While the business of Capmed has a significant humanitarian and upliftment element, the key objective is to operate efficiently and profitably and generate a return for its stakeholders

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