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CAPMED HOLDINGS LIMITED (“CAPMED”) is a South African company established to provide affordable health insurance solutions and alternative medicine. Capmed believes that no person or family should be denied access to medical treatment and wellness due to a lack of financial capability.

The CAPMED HEALTH PLAN was designed to make access to 1st class medical reaction and treatment, affordable to the ordinary man. Our vision is to provide medical and wellness products and services across Africa, even in urban and remote areas, via mobile clinics.

In addition we are engaging with leadership across the African content to introduce these benefits to the poor in conjunction with government and Donor Funding. In conjunction with governments and strategic partners, Capmed will offer holistic wellness solutions that incorporates training, preventative measures, treatment and sustainability.

While the business of Capmed has a significant humanitarian and upliftment element, the key objective is to operate efficiently and profitably and generate a return for its stakeholders

“The core strategy for CAPMED is the provision of health care and related services to the African Continent“

Martiens Bester  (CEO, Capmed Holdings Ltd)

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